Spouse Open Work Permit

A spouse or common-law partner of a full-time student with a valid study permit can apply for an open work permit. An open work permit allows the international student's spouse or common-law partner to work.

Your spouse/partner does not need to have a job offer to apply, and your spouse's residence permit is valid for the same period as your study permit. This is a great way for your spouse or significant other to connect with the local community, gain valuable work experience, and earn extra money. Your spouse or common-law partner can apply for a work permit after you arrive in Canada. It is possible to apply for a spouse/ common-law partner's work permit while you apply for your first study permit outside of Canada. Minor children can study in preschool, primary or secondary education without a study permit. Please note that children accompanying adults living in Canada with a work permit or study permit can study in Canada without a permit at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels of education.

Please note that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) requires applicants to submit a government application processing fee for most applications.

A spouse or partner can apply for an open work permit if:

are a full-time student of

  • Public higher education institutions such as colleges and universities or CEGEP in Quebec,
  • a private university-level university in Quebec or
  • Canadian private schools that can legally award degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D., etc.) under provincial law, and have a valid study permit.

KVD Immigration Inc provides expert advice and support regarding the Spouse Open Work Permit Program.

Eligibility Assessment

Our team will help determine if you meet the Open Spouse Work Permit requirements to maximize the chances of your application being successful.

Ongoing Support

Our team will provide ongoing support throughout the work permit process, keeping you updated on progress and addressing any issues that may arise.

Application Support

We will guide you through the process of submitting a complete and accurate work permit application, addressing any issues or concerns you may have

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