Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a permanent resident category for those already established as skilled workers in Canada. The CEC program opens the door to Canada for international students and foreign workers. For many international students, the Canada Experience Class may be the fastest way to obtain permanent residency in Canada. One of CEC's goals is to increase the supply of skilled labor in Canada. Please note that work experience gained in Canada without a valid work permit will not be considered. Self-employment or professional experience gained during full-time study (such as a joint semester) does not count toward this program. CEC application processing takes time. If currently working in Canada and applying for permanent residency under CEC class, bridging the open work permit if the work permit is due to expire within four months may be obtained. This means you can continue to work while the IRCC decides on your permanent residency application.

Beginning January 1, 2015, foreigners will be selected through the Express Entry system and will need to receive an invitation before applying. Applicants can remain in Canada throughout the application process. However, the Canadian Experience Class is also open to individuals who are no longer in Canada, if they submit their application within three years of leaving their job in Canada.

To qualify for the CEC through Express Entry, you must have

At least 12 months of skilled work experience in Canada, in the last three years (before you apply). The work was full-time OR an equal amount in part-time.

Gained your work experience in Canada with the proper authorization.

Take an approved language test and meet minimum requirements.

Planned to live outside the province of Quebec.

To be eligible for the CEC, you need to have Canadian skilled work experience within three years of applying. According to the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), skilled work experience means:

Managerial jobs (NOC skill level 0)

Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)

Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC skill type B)

Your experience must be at least

12 months of full-time work: 30 hours/week for 12 months = 1-year full time (1,560 hours), OR equal amount in part-time hours, such as:

15 hours/week for 24 months = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)

30 hours/week for 12 months at more than one job = 1-year full time (1,560 hours)

If your experience doesn't meet the duty and job description requirements set in the NOC, IRCC may not accept your application. Please note that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) requires applicants to submit a government application processing fee for most applications.

For those who have worked in Canada, the Canada Experience Class (CEC) offers a unique opportunity to obtain permanent residency. KVD Immigration Inc provides expert advice and assistance to help you navigate the CEC application process.

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